On the night before my second son was born, my husband gifted me with my very first manicure ever. After that, I was hooked. I felt so radiant and ready to touch the brand new skin of my soon-to-be newborn with these transformed hands. I knew then, that I wanted every girl and woman to feel as beautiful as I felt that evening. And so, before my son was born, Hand Model™ Nail Polish was born in my heart. And so, it is with the purest joy that I bring you ultimate beauty for your hands that is always toxic trio free.  Which means – NO Dibutyl Phthalate, NO (DBP), NO Formaldehyde and NO Toluene that are commonly found in most commercial nail polishes. We believe in being kind to your body and your health!

     You’ll be ready for your audition or close-ups with Hand Model™ nail polish. We are about all things beautiful and elegant. For us, combining the right colors together is like the discovery of new and flawless gems. There are endless possibilities of colors, but only some will leave you breathless; and those are the only shades that Hand Model™ represents. That’s what we are after from the invention of our glamorous designs, to the packaging of our products…breathless.

I am the founder of Hand Model™ nail polish and the mother of two infant boys.  Though active boys they may be, they are the darlings and inspirations behind our luxurious brand.  It’s the luster of his eyes, and the glow and shimmer of his cheeks that is captured in every bottle.  Therefore, our bottles of Hand Model™ nail polish was inspired by, invented by and packaged by love.  We believe in going above and beyond with every detail from start to finish, and when you choose Hand Model™ as an instant and economical way of showing yourself a little love, you are actually loving others at the same time because we donate 10% of every sale to charitable organizations.

Hand Model™ Nail Polish,

“Modeling the Beauty of Kindness.”™


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