You’ll Be Skipping This Spring with Hopscotch from our “Yesteryears” Collection!

Beautifully Kind: Isn’t it amazing how a simple stick of chalk in the hands of a child transforms mundane into masterful? Leave some bright colored pieces of chalk on random sidewalks and play areas, then return to see the colorful creations and games they’ve left in return. It’ll be one mark on a child’s life that you’ll be glad that you left.

You’ll be skipping when you try “Hopscotch,” part of our “Yesteryears” series! It’s a cheerful pearlescent yellow, and just like the game we favored when we were young, it’s effortless and fun to wear! Light and airy, it’s the perfect shade to add to your spring and summer wardrobe, and it becomes more and more cheerful with each additional coat.

No more wasting unused nail polish, this lighthearted color comes in a perfectly sized 10 ml bottle.  Available at:

Hand Model™ Nail Polish
“Modeling the Beauty of Kindness.”


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