Let the Paper Boat Races Begin!

Let the Paper Boat Races Begin!

Beautifully Kind – There are dozens of “to-do’s” that have kept you from enjoying an afternoon by the water…until now. It’s time to turn that to-do list into something a little bit more functional…like a paper boat! Grab the ones that you love, head to the water, and let the paper boat races begin! You can thank us later for the best afternoon you’ve had in years!

“Paper Boat Races” is the newest darling to our “Yesteryears” collection. Just like the afternoon you’ll have down by the water will be a harmonious collision of laughter, cheering and applause, “Paper Boat Races” is the perfect blend of purple, pink and a touch of blue. Wearing this gorgeous nail polish is sure to bring you sheer delight that will last you as long as your manicure does.

No more wasting unused nail polish, this nostalgic nail polish comes in a perfectly sized 10 ml bottle. Available at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HandModel

Hand Model™ Nail Polish
“Modeling the Beauty of Kindness.”


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