Put On Some Encourage-MINT!

Put On Some Encourage-MINT!

Kind Act: After love, one of the highest needs of our human heart is to have someone encourage us to be what we’ve always known we could become. Give someone in your life, or even a perfect stranger, the courage to believe. Encouragement. Now that’s a thing of beauty.

Put on some Encourage-MINT this St. Patrick’s Day (and every day of the year!) This breathtaking bottle of pure mint inspiration may just give you the courage you were looking for to face that thing on your list that they say is “impossible,” and find a way anyway. And on your way to scaling mountains and changing the world, a glance at this exhilarating color will make you want to give a boost to others you meet along the way. We’d say that’s a win-win addition for your color library, wouldn’t you?

Creamy and opaque in just 1 – 2 coats.

No more wasting unused nail polish, this inspirational color comes in a perfectly sized 10 ml bottle.

Hand Model™ Nail Polish, “Modeling the Beauty of Kindness.™”

Available exclusively here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/124660811/encourage-mint-nail-polish-by-hand-model


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