The Word “Impossible”

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word “impossible” lately.  Maybe because my work as a nail polish architect and photography director is undiscovered as of yet.  Maybe it’s because my husband tells me that I’m a dreamer, and that success from my talents would be “impossible.”  Yet there’s something about the word “impossible” that fuels me, inspires me, and gives my visions flight.  Does the same thing happen to you?

“Impossible,” the doctors said about my ever being able to carry a child…yet I rock and comfort two babies each day and night…(sometimes all through the night.)

“Impossible,” his cancer doctor said about my 11 month old’s body healing on his own.  Yet, we left his office three days later with normal blood results and no need for treatment–ever.

“Impossible,” my husband says about earning an income selling my polish visions.  Yet, I tuck my babies into bed each night, wash the day’s crayon and playdough marks off from my hands, and delicately transform these hands from diaper changers to game changers in the nail polish and beauty world.  After all, aren’t hands that teach, play, color and love a thing of beauty?

So, “impossible” or not, I will still dream, envision, plan, perfect and create–polish–so that you can feel as good wearing it as I do making it.  I haven’t any other choice.

My heart won’t let me rest.

~Jordana (Hand Model™ Creator and Owner………….and, well, Dreamer)


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