Allure by Hand Model™

Allure by Hand Model™

Kind Act – Give him a butterfly. There is a legend in Mandarin China that a young man found himself in the garden of a wealthy man’s estate. This was strongly forbidden, for it was an act of trespass. But why did he venture into this prohibited area, you might ask? He was chasing a beautiful butterfly. What happened in the end is a tale of love. The wealthy man’s daughter fell in love with the man who was chasing the butterfly, and they married.

“Allure” Verb, To attract by something flattering or desirable.

Wear this enticing golden apple green when you’re feeling particularly drawn to him and you want him to come and say “hello.” But be warned, the allurement from this prestigious formula may be so strong that now your future in-laws may want to move into your basement just to be near.

No more wasting unused nail polish. This golden delicious color comes in a perfectly sized 10 ml bottle.

Hand Model™ Nail Polish, “Modeling the Beauty of Kindness™”

Find it here at


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