What Your Nails Are Prescribing You

We always want you to look and feel your very best.  After all, you are exquisite!  Did you know that after a close examination of your fingernails, you can determine what kind of health the rest of your body is in?  Not sure what we mean?  Read on.

  • Dry, Brittle Nails – Generally means that you are experiencing a vitamin A and calcium deficiency.
  • Fragile Nails with Horizontal and Vertical Ridges – This is indicative of a lack of vitamin B
  • Opaque White Bands – You may want to take a look at how much protein you are getting. Chances are, you are not getting enough.  You also are probably short in the vitamin A, calcium or iron departments.  Or all of the above.
  • Cracking or splitting – Are you always peeling different layers off that are flaking from your nails? If so, this is a sign of a riboflavin and vitamin B2 deficiency.
  • Concave nail – This is a tell tale sign of an iron deficiency.
  • White spots – Most likely your nails suffered a blow or trauma to it recently, but it also could mean a lack of zinc.
  • Dry, hardened cuticle – This may be caused by taking antibiotics.
  • Fad diets can also damage your nails, possibly indicating that the rest of your body may be suffering as well.

(Excerpt taken from Hands by Linda Rose)

Show yourself a little Hand Model™ love and get a good multi-vitamin, plenty of water, rest, exercise and lots and lots of joy!  Your nails will be camera ready in no time!  And pick up one of our exquisite nail polishes, for when your nails are back in shape, to showcase your beauties off to the world!  (Don’t forget to always use a base coat!)


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