Your Push Present, He Said – Story

HandModelPPCollage Your Push Present, He Said

Kind Act – Give her something blue on the day that she gives birth. This gesture, according to some traditions, sets her apart as someone who has given life.

This remarkable lacquer is part of our Story Collection.  “Your Push Present, He Said” is an exquisitely toned nail polish that was inspired by this romantic story.  Our client relives her precious memory of the day that her son was born every time she wears this specially formulated color.  Now this one of a kind nail polish color can be part of your fine collection.

“Her labor wasn’t limited to the hospital room where he was born. No. She labored for many years to put a child in his arms. Before that day, blue had been the color of their spirits. It had been the hue of their tears. But at 5 a.m. that morning, he would change the way that she would look at the color blue — forever. ‘In Tanzania,’ he said, ‘some women are given a blue stone at the birth of her child setting her apart in the community as a woman who has given life.’  She untied the ribbon and opened the box he presented.  ‘It’s your push present, he said.’  That morning, their hearts were 6 lbs and 14 oz. more full, and her hand was 6 carats heavier.”

Do you have a colorful story that you would like have captured in a bottle?  Submit your story along with a picture to have your own one of a kind nail polish specially formulated just for you.

Hand Model™ Nail Polish, “Modeling the Beauty of Kindness™”


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